Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Who@25: Remembrance Of The Daleks (Part Three)

Originally Broadcast 19th October 1988

Written by: Ben Aaronovitch

In a nutshell: Two rival factions of Dalek fight over the Hand of Omega.

Review: After the opening three Daleks are blown up, the Doctor comments with disgust “There were living beings in there”. Despite the menace of the Daleks, he still feels sorrow over the death of a life, which is what should happen for the Doctor and something he’s remembered since he blew up a Dalek himself in the opening episode.

I think what I most love about the seventh Doctor is his philosophic ness. Lines such as “weapons. They’re all useless in the end” are great and delivered beautifully by McCoy. I dislike how he never wants to give answers, especially when he refuses to speak to Ace about something important, but otherwise I think it’s safe to say this is the story where McCoy really makes the part his own and shows how strong a Doctor he really is.

The Emperor Dalek has appeared on the scene now and looks…pretty decent I suppose but the voice is awful. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it but it’s just not very fitting for the Emperor, it should be deeper and more menacing rather than a bit…squeaky.

Ironically since noting the Doctor never tells Ace anything we want to know, halfway through this episode he finally decides to sit down and have a chat with her about Omega, Rassilon and the Dalek ability to time travel. It’s a huge info dump but it makes sense and gets the plot forwarded enough so we can continue with the story itself for the remaining ten minutes.

The next big revelation is a brilliantly spooky one. The person we thought to be Davros for the past two episodes turns out to be the creepy little girl with a dodgy motorbike helmet on. Her first line about Ratcliffe serving the Daleks is so effective, starting off in a Dalek voice before returning to that of a small child’s. Sadly after this we get to see some grey Daleks trying to roll down a London street, which isn’t too effective as they wobble all over the street. It’s like a bad nightmare I had called ‘Destiny Of The Daleks’.

The two women, Allison and Rachel, are proving very annoying in this episode. They started off fun by making a joke of how much they’re getting ordered around but they’ve repeated this every single time Gilmore has said anything to them, making it very tiring and tedious. I’m not quite sure why they thought it’d work three times and still be funny but oh well. They were wrong.

The score for this episode has to be one of the best ever, it’s so memorable and exciting, especially when the Doctor and Ace are running away. Speaking of excitement, the end of the episode is also fantastic and fast moving. Mike’s a traitor but we can’t focus on that because there are explosions and exterminating and gun shots before the Doctor’s final comment about miscalculating, which bursts into the closing credit sequence with such annoyance I want the next episode right now!

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