Friday, 7 June 2013

The Mind Of Evil on DVD & celebrating Colin Baker!

So after a four-year delay The Mind Of Evil has finally arrived on DVD and a day after it was meant to it arrives in my house ready to be viewed and reviewed for Doctor Who A Day! I hope you all enjoyed my reaction to the episodes (the final part will be up later today). As for the extras, there isn’t a lot here. There’s a very nice ‘Making Of’ with some faces who have sadly passed on since recording and a decent enough ‘Now And Then’ feature. These only total half an hour, it would’ve been good to have a documentary looking at how the story was colourised for DVD. That would’ve been brilliant and fascinating and give us a face to who we owe so much to.

The final extra here is a 25-minute documentary about Television Centre. Now, there’s been a whole pile of these recently, a lot of which have featured on classic Who DVDs so what makes this one so special? Well, the fact it was made and screened in the early 1970s. It’s directed by Norman Tosser, sorry Tozer, who oozes with the same amount of charisma and screen presence as an overweight porn star who tells us about the television centre as he walks around it. He treats the audience like idiots, which, to be fair, they could’ve been in 1971. He’s also got an obsession for Cousin Bette as we walk through the production offices and see how unhappy everyone is to be working in the magical TV centre, This isn’t a good or gripping look at how television was made, but it’s historically fascinating at least. We also get the usual photo gallery, coming soon trail, radio times listings and a look at the 1971 Doctor Who sugar smacks promotion featuring six Who badges of all your favourite characters, including the Jo Grant version of a Movellan!

And so, putting The Mind Of Evil to rest, my gaze next falls upon the Sixth Doctor. The lovely Colin Baker will be turning 70 on Saturday (June 8th) and to celebrate I’m going to be taking a long look at his season long epic The Trial Of A Time Lord! That’s right, all fourteen episodes of this saga will come into question and we’ll hopefully see Colin at his best. I’m really looking forward to watching Trial again, because I’ve not seen it for ages. I think the last time I saw them was when the DVD was released back in 2008! So please join me tomorrow where I’ll be watching the first two episodes of The Trial Of A Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet, the last completed Who work by the legendary Robert Holmes.

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