Monday, 3 June 2013

The King's Demons (Part 2)

Originally Broadcast 16th March 1983

Written by: Terence Dudley

In a nutshell: The Master plans to disrupt the course of history with the help of Kamelion.

Review: Being one of the only three Davison era stories to bridge itself along two episodes, here we already are at the finale. And a tad disappointing to say the least.
I think I actually prefer the first episode of this because that did set up a decent little mystery (albeit one not explained very well) in the narrative of someone posing as the King. This part lacked any ‘good reveal’ and the writing took a turn for the worse.

Turlough doesn’t really get to do anything, but randomly gets a ‘shining moments’ as he warns someone off with a sword, backing into the TARDIS. Tegan is shifted out the way into the TARDIS with pre-set co-ordinates, but if the Doctor hasn’t got her home in two series, what good’ll that do her?
The Master is wasted here as well; nothing at all is explained about his presence there or anything else for that matter, such as why he wants to indirectly change the course of history. Bad scripting much?

The ending to this serial is one of the worst I’ve seen, as everyone just races into the TARDIS all of a sudden, not even bothering to level things out with the locals. I would’ve thought Davison would straighten it all out as these are good people but nope, it’s just a race for the TARDIS as Dudley has managed to bring his bad plot strands all into one scene (somehow the TARDIS arrives there!) so they can shove off for the next adventure.
This is followed by what appears to be a hastily-written TARDIS scene, where the Doctor ticks off a list “The Master’ll leave now, I did this to his TARDIS” and a couple more but never mentions anything about how Magna Carta will be signed or what will happen with the people left behind.

This really is a weak Who, so watch it if you don’t want any explanations, any resolved plots or you don’t want to see your characters actually doing anything. If you require those things, I suggest you go and pick a different story!

Kamelion: I preferred him in Pathfinders. Still better than Martha.

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