Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Fall Of The Eleventh...I hope not!

Of course, it was announced after the latest BBC error that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at christmas, despite the Beeb only telling us two weeks ago he was doing series 8. Confused? I am!

Because I grew up in the 1990s and fell in love with Doctor Who I've always been lacking MY Doctor, who is traditionally the first current Doctor you grow up with. By the time we reached 2005 and the ninth Doctor, I was 15 and too old to be discovering My Doctor and then Doctor Tennant came along. I loved both these actors, in fact I don't dislike any of the soon-to-be-twelve incarnations, but Tennant still didn't become my favourite. And then He came along.

Matt Smith, after just one episode (two or three for confirmation, it's a big step) the eleventh Doctor became My Doctor. He will always be my favourite and he's the one incarnation who I don't want to go. It's been an insane few years with him at the helm of the TARDIS and I've no doubt I'll love the next version of the Doctor loads, but he won't be Matt.

So, here, a toast to the brilliance and cool eleventh Doctor, My Doctor, Matt Smith. You will be truly missed and, like each Doctor before you, you've made this show better and richer than it was before.

Keep the faith.

Matt's first day on set in 2009

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