Sunday, 30 June 2013

DWM #462, The Week in DoctorWhoADay and more!

Hello faithful readers and welcome to what's becoming my 'weekly round-up' in DWAD. Has everyone read DWM #462 yet? I have to say it was one of the thinnest issues of recent times. With just one 'feature' being the rather lame and padded 'The Sixty-Seven Doctors' and a pretty good interview with Richard Franklin otherwise we just get the regular features. I've also been catching up on Big Finish's latest works and I urge you all to go listen to Prisoners Of Fate, which is brilliant starring Peter Davison as the fifth Doctor with companions Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough.

Away from that and back to the blog, I hope you've all been watching and enjoying Invasion Of The Dinosaurs with me! I'm afraid I've made a little slip up and starting tomorrow I was going to do a special on the 2013 series and chat about The Bells Of Saint John through to The Crimson Horror but I accidentally let my Hide review turn up early so it's already out there for you to read (below this post, in fact) but you can still join me each day for the other adventures, beginning with The Bells Of Saint John tomorrow morning (GMT time). After that I'll be covering the first story of a 1970s companion before I turn my gaze to a brilliant story, one of my favourites, to tie in with a release later in the month, but more on that next week! And then I'll be looking at how Doctor Who celebrated last time it had a proper on-air anniversary we all class as being canon. There's loads coming in July so don't go anywhere!

And if you want the odd sneak peak at what I'm reviewing next or if you want some random tweets (once in a while), you can follow me on twitter @Matt_Holsman and, as always, feel free to comment either on the stories I'm talking about, what you want to see, what can be improved or what works or anything else you might want to say.

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