Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It's all gone Dalek! DWM #461 and 50th Bookazine #1 The Daleks

 Today I struck lucky! Not only did I finally get my hands on the first of Panini's 'Bookazines' devoted to 50 years of Doctor Who but I also found this months DWM a day early.

I was wary of buying 'The Daleks' due to the hefty £9.99 price tag, but as soon as you lay eyes on it you can spot where the money is. It looks and feels like a big ol' collectable book that is definitive. It features a bit on every TV Dalek story, the movies, the (new series) books, Big Finish audios, all the Dalek toys as well as reprinting some of the 1960s Dalek comic strips and if that wasn't enough it even has interviews with some key people from the shows history who have helped the metal meanies become as iconic as they are.

Meanwhile, DWM #461 carries all the usual brilliant features as well as the final part of the 50th anniversary comic strip 'Hunters Of The Burning Stone' which I've been loving! The Fact of Fiction is on the almost-missing Galaxy Four whilst the big attraction is a series of features on the two Peter Cushing Dalek movies and an interview with Neil Gaiman who talks about 'Nightmare In Silver'. There's also a great joke in What A Load Of Ruebish and the rest of series 7 is reviewed.

Doctor Who 50 Years: The Daleks is out now, priced £9.99. Doctor Who Magazine #461 goes on sale tomorrow at £4.75.

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