Monday, 27 May 2013

Doctor Who A Day: I'm Back!

Hello faithful bloggers and welcome to Doctor Who A Day. It’s been a mad year and a half where I’ve graduated at Scriptwriting, become a published author and watched loads and loads of Doctor Who!

What did everyone think of the new series? It didn’t quite live up to expectations but I’ll get around to showcasing my thoughts here in time. If you’re still here, the aim of my blog is to review every episode of Doctor Who in no order and coming up for you I’ve got The Underwater Menace after I got my hands on an unrestored copy of episode 2. That was an exciting day! I’m also going to cover the other recently discovered beauty, Galaxy Four as well as bringing you a preview/review of the upcoming book from Mad Norwegian Press: Queers Dig Time Lords.

Today also saw the release of a whole bundle of Who DVDs, we’ve got series 7.2, although I’m hoping we get a nice complete box set later in the year. We had a re-release of both Peter Cushing Dr. Who movies and Inferno got a nice, although under worked special edition.

I got my copy at the weekend and I have to say it isn’t beaming with new material. Apparently it looks ten times better than it’s predecessor, but it only carries two new documentaries; Toby Hadoke (who is brilliant!) reuniting Havok and the latest part of the Doctor Forever series, which is a fantastic set of documentaries showcasing how the programme was kept alive between 1989 and 2005.

I’ll see you all later on as I begin my journey into The Underwater Menace, I welcome all your thoughts and comments, so let me know what you think of each story/episode as I’m watching my way through them and I hope you enjoy my little comments on these pieces of television magic!

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