Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ramblings of a Mad Man with a DVD Player

Hey everyone,

So we're a third of the way into the new series (or new half of the series), what do we all think of it so far? I can't wait for River to return already, although I see some people are tiring of her, shame.

Another 'review from the archives' today aka an excuse to cover it not being quite as good in my eyes but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

I'm currently planning to (very soon) have a run through of the first Jon Pertwee special giving a bit of continuity to my blog! I'll be skipping 'The Ambassadors Of Death', the third of four serials from the series, however as I'm desperately hanging on to review that one as I want to have the new colourised version which has sadly been delayed. But that still gives us 'Spearhead From Space', 'Dr. Who And The Silurians' shacked up with 'Inferno', all featuring Pertwee, Caroline John and Nicholas Courtney.

And fear not Tennant fans, I know I've not cast my eye over any of them yet, but I do plan to, honest!

Thanks for reading everyone, til next time!

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