Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ghost Light (Part Two)

Originally Broadcast 11th October 1989
Written by: Marc Platt

The second instalment of this three-part adventure doesn’t have much more to add than what has already been stated in the first episode. The only fault is how a lot of people claim it being confusing, although I’m not seeing that a lot here, perhaps it goes further to explain my comment about it being ahead of it’s time?

I’d like to say I wish every McCoy story was this good and, if so, he’d be the Doctor to compare all others to, but I’m not entirely sure it would be true. If too many stories contained the Doctor as portrayed here it’d get very old and loose it’s impact, but this time around it’s an absolutely fantastic piece of acting from McCoy and writing from Platt, giving a mysteriously dark persona to the character.

The ending to this episode is a vast improvement upon the one seen in episode one; I think it’s one of the most climatic endings in the McCoy era, giving great anticipation for the concluding part.
The guest cast are once again on top form, bad sadly Cochrane doesn’t feature a lot, but we get the likes of Ian Hogg and Sylvia Syms to more than make up for it.

I can’t really add a lot more to this, as it’s all praise, but a final comment I’ll leave is how good this Doctor/Companion team is here, it really foreshadows the Ten/Rose relationship at times with their dialogue bouncing off each other, especially the scene when mocking Josiah with comments such as “bats in the belfry”. Fantastic stuff, a brilliant piece of Who history. Roll on episode three.

A brilliant guest-cast!

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