Friday, 9 September 2011

Ghost Light (Part Three)

Originally Broadcast 18th October 1989
Written by: Marc Platt

It’s time to take back what I said in part two about this story being easy to follow, as the third instalment takes complication in it’s stride. It’s still a great episode and the plot is understandable, it just requires a little more intelligence (or multiple watches, making it even better and giving an excuse to watch it again!).

I do think this part was the weakest of the three, as Light seems miscast, especially in his ‘reawakening’ scene and Ace gets some dialogue to spoon-feed to us in the likes of “They’ve switched places”. Thanks for that one, Ace, we hadn’t worked that one out.
The final scene feels wrong as well, like a “Suppose we’d best end this in a scene” scene! I loved the attention given to Ace’s background, but it could have easily been explored in a little more emotion, especially in the closing moments of the show, even if it just cut to Sophie Aldred grinning.

McCoy, Aldred and the rest of the cast (minus Light!) are on their top form again though, this has to be one of the most talented stories with the level of performance being raised to a new standard for the show.

The episode and how it revolves around Ace really is a Steven Moffat script before his time, as it very much deals in the ‘timey-wimey’ aspect of time travel. The events of the story occur in a time before Ace was born yet affect something she’s already done. Now that’s confusing!

I think now more than ever, giving the current situation of ‘Doctor Who’, this episode is one that has to be watched. It’s definitely come into it’s own light now.

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