Thursday, 4 August 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day (4 of 10) Spoiler-Free Review

With four episodes down and six to go, Torchwood: MD is finally getting close to forming a plot around who’s behind the miracle and it’s a good plot so far. The bad thing is how it’s taken four episodes for us to learn anything about these people (and about anything, really) and it’s beginning to look a bit like a Children of Earth reboot due to a fact I can’t reveal due to this being spoiler-free.

The first half of this episode was a bit dull if it’s seen as Torchwood, as the plot literally took twenty minutes to get anywhere and there wasn’t a whole lot of Jack and Gwen for a while, although they did get a few good lines and interaction, we needed to see more because it’s what the TW fan boys want. Instead, out focus shifted to personal matters in the lives of Rex and Esther, which I didn’t really care for. They are decent characters, they’ve certainly grown on me throughout this episode but it still doesn’t make me too interested in what they do away from Torchwood, which we had to witness here in a fair bit of detail.

The last fifteen minutes are full of tension and are fantastic, it was always obvious what was going to happen as soon as the scene came into play, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun, emotional and tense getting there as Jack and Gwen finally came into play in a major way.
Rhys plays more of a part in the fourth instalment as well, he’s one character that hasn’t been used anywhere near enough in this serial but it was nice to see him and all of his scenes were fantastic, as usual. Kai Owen is a great actor and really makes Rhys loveable.

The "I want more Rhys" campaign begins here!
The ending to the episode was a great surprise, a small part of it ruined by the BBC’s “coming soon” trail at the end of episode one and, on an unrelated note, Bill Pullman was brilliant yet again. I wouldn’t say he stole the show in this episode to the extent he has in previous, but he’s still an obviously great actor and I can’t imagine anyone else performing his scenes with the same amount of charm and attraction, he makes you forget he’s a convicted paedophile and that’s why he’s such a good actor and why Danes is a wonderful creation of a character.

I’ve a bad feeling we’re not going to see any major action again for an episode or two now, as Miracle Day seems to have this routine where we barely learn anything for a long time, and seeing as we got a few facts in the latter half of this one, I’m sorry to say the next episode may freeze a bit (like the first half of this episode!). I’d put this up as the most memorable episode since the first and, for that reason, its probably the best episode since the series premiere as well.

A fun little game to play at home:
Count how many times people say something along the lines of "Nobody dies" before fatally wounding someone.

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