Monday, 1 August 2011

The Return, The Books and The New DWM!

Hi everyone,

sorry I took a short break for the second half of last week, but on my travels I did find some great merchandise from the world of Who!

For starters, lets have a peek at DWM #437!
I really enjoyed this ish, we've got a good preview on Torchwood as well as a decent set of interviews with the Doctor's army from episode 7 before taking a "The Fact Of Fiction" out on 1966's The Smugglers. FoF is always my favourite part of DWM and, whilst this ones a little more hard going than usual, it still delivers! Sadly, however, it seems to me like we can't have an issue of DWM without having to remember a fallen hero from the world as too many people are being lost. Here DWM pays tribute to the talented Roy Skelton.

I also looked through the new Doctor Who Insider: The Best of 1-4. I'd already grabebd myself a copy of #1 and I have no plans of buying this special UK edition of something that we can't have as the magazine isn't good at all to be honest. Especially when the price rakes in at a hefty £6.99 to tell us Eccleston played the tenth Doctor, I don't think so!!

I'm reading the new biog on Terry Nation at the moment as well, so expect a review of that too! It has an awesome front cover. Finally (I think) I purchased three of the six reprinted Target novels and they look fantastic, the Beeb have actually spent a lot of time and effort into restoring these classics, they look really good.

Hopefully later on today I'll give all the latest on the next episode of Torchwood as well as starting a bit of a Matt Smith series, as I cast my eye on this years Pirate outing, 'The Curse Of The Black Spot'.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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