Friday, 5 August 2011

The Matt Smith "Specials" 2011

Space and Time

Written by: Steven Moffat, broadcast 18th March 2011

These two little gems from Red Nose Day are really good fun, that’s all and that’s all they need to be. You can’t fault them for what they are (although maybe people are going to start saying Who’s got too rude) but Moffat provides a funny yet serious (what Who does so brilliantly) six-minute story with some of the best Murray Gold stock music. And the whole TARDIS-within-a-TARDIS thing is sorted faster and better than it is in Logopolis.

The National Television Awards: Opening Scene

Written by: Steven Moffat, broadcast 26th January 2011

Another silly little but of fun as the Doctor helps Dermot find his way to the NTA’s after he sleeps in. Some nice cameos from various people, just meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but the TARDIS takes a stop or two too many and becomes a bit drawn out using the same trick too many times. Still enjoyable for what it is though.

Series Six: The Prequels (The Impossible Astronaut, The Curse Of The Black Spot and A Good Man Goes To War)

Originally aired on, 2011

I really like the idea of doing two-minute prequels to episodes within the series, although I remember when they were announced and I had no idea what style they were, I was hoping for more Doctor in them but they work even better without.
I think the episode three prequel was, however, pointless and didn’t really serve up anything the trailer and TV blurb hadn’t already given us, except some nice acting from Hugh Bonneville.

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