Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Fact Of Fiction

Hi everyone! Sadly the summer is ending and my blog has wavered a little due to some other bits here and there, but I'm back to marching through the big Mighty 200 (plus twenty!) stories Who has racked up in it's long history.

I'm currently writing an article about the missing episodes as well for a fanmag so will post a link to that one when it's all done and dusted (probably a couple months for the finished mag).

I've been digging through my old DWM's as well to read 'The Fact Of Fiction', which if anyone out there skips each month, seriously go back and read them! There's some good jokey lines now and again as Alan Barnes tries to explain away mistakes such as Susan's disgust at the factual info being wrong in her 'Reign Of Terror' book in the first episode, yet doesn't know anything about the reign when she visits for the series' finale. There's some wonderful reading there.

And I'm leaving you today with an old review I've dug from somewhere! It's on 'Nightmare Of Eden' starring Tom Baker's Doctor and it starts out better than its reptutation suggests.

Happy reading everyone!

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