Monday, 15 August 2011

Desperate Measures

Originally Broadcast 9th January 1965
Episode Two of: The Rescue

Written by: David Whitaker

Not quite as fantastic as episode one, the concluding half of The Rescue still provides a pretty decent, gripping instalment of the show. I already much prefer Vicki to the character of Susan, as she seems a bit more strong and independent. There is an important and fantastical scene where it all gets too much and she starts to break down in front of the elderly Doctor and it’s not until this point you realise how much rests on her shoulders and how terrible her life really is. This shows probably the strongest companion to this date as she is only meant to be in her late teens yet near enough supports and lives on her own-a huge difference from Susan who screamed “grandfather” before turning every corner.

The plot by Whitaker is clever and interesting, but the ‘wrap up’ of the story is pretty dismal and disappointing as two men (apparently natives on Dido) dressed in white suits merely walk toward Bennet and that’s that. Pretty pants to be honest, but it isn’t a huge factor as the story really is the thing that doesn’t matter in this two-part narrative. What the episode intends to do is, much in the same way as The Eleventh HourThe Edge Of Destruction from the previous year (reviewed early on in this ongoing blog), it’s clear Whitaker manages to achieve a lot in his two part stories without them getting too weighed down with having to stretch to reach the six part structure. (2010), introduce the companion/new characters and move on in one story but, granted, you have to throw in a story for the sub-plot for our characters to struggle through. Looking back at

From the difference in timelines between the new companion and the previous two, I hope that ‘joke’ of age difference and time difference becomes a running occurrence, as it fitted nicely into this script and would do so again. Instantly the Beatles reference in The Chase springs to mind, but let’s hope there are many more!

As for the (literal) cliffhanger, wow is that a good one! The direction inside the TARDIS isn’t great, I don’t really think that needed to be there, but what a fantastic model shot we witness as the final shot, leading us into our next, somewhat different historical, The Romans

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