Monday, 25 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day (3 of 10) Spoiler-free review!

The third instalment in the new fourth series of the show is a huge improvement on last week. Gwen and Jack actually have significant roles to play in this episode, getting in on the action. There’s even the return of a handy gadget from series three.

It’s a shame that the majority of the episode consists of the group of four sitting in a dirty old warehouse, but at least writer Espenson gives some good dialogue that it never feels as though we’re trapped in this room with our characters.

Something that has already gotten really old is the America is different to Wales and England joke, which is the most pathetic, lazy scripting I’ve seen in a while. Yeah, it’s a funny joke the first, maybe the second, time, but here we get it four or five times in very quick succession. If I have to sit through that same old joke three times an episode until the finale, I’m going to be screaming at my television. And how stupid is Gwen, not knowing Americans call their trousers ‘pants’? Has she never watched The Simpsons?

Russell has to script edit in another of his trademarks as well, as Jack, now feeling mortal, has to go and get a gay sex scene in. Whilst this did bring up some interesting ideas about the mortality of people, it’s just Russell squeezing it in where he can, I’m starting to loose a bit of respect for him on this show after he made it so great.

Wayne Knight has been a pretty wasted character so far in this serial, not featuring here much either, but the other fantastic “special” guest star, Bill Pullman is seriously the best thing about this. I know that line probably features in the majority of peoples reviews as well as all three of mine, but it’s incredible at just how amazing an actor he really is. Pullman manages to play the sympathy card as well as merging it with a bit of evil and still make you want to see more of him, it’s everything the character of Oswald Danes requires to be a successful part of the narrative.

There’s one or two small links to the ongoing threat but Kiztenger is the character to look out for in the coming episodes, I spotted her last week where she didn’t play a prominent part but was certainly noticeable but here she’s really emerging, I’d look out for her because it’s filmed in a way to show you this woman is important. And we’ve already seen she had an interest in Danes very early on in the Miracle Day…

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