Monday, 25 July 2011

The Leisure Hive (Part 3)

Originally Broadcast 13th September 1980
Written by: David Fisher

We’re not really getting much better at this as I’ve hit the third episode with very little of anything really going on. We’ve learnt one or two things that are quite crucial to the overall storyline but at the same time it feels like we’ve not done or gone anywhere.

After almost three episodes we’ve finally seen the Foamasi-how lucky we are as they waddle on in their green costume, looking like an overweight grasshopper. That’s right, the Foamasi aren’t the greatest looking creatures in the universe. They stand out as one of the lesser overall mainly due to their ‘guest spot’ on BBC Comedy show It’s Only TV, But I Like It where they got ripped to shreds. Poor little monsters, they have everything against them.
But with these aliens apparently being the good guys, it leads us back a few years to a story that’s been done at least twice in just the Jon Pertwee era so why do we need it again? Arguably as it’s a different audience watching it here (upon original transmission) but the ‘aliens are friendly’ line is a little bit old, even by 1980!

Tom Baker doesn’t appear to be having much fun, bearing the make-up of an old man to give him a 100-years older look. Apparently the original plan was to keep this for a couple more weeks but Tom protested and hated the make up so much it only lasted until the final part of this story. Personally I’d have liked to see how that panned out, I don’t really think it would have worked in the ratings, but it’d be a nice alternate route to travel down just to see how it would’ve gone.

There’s not really a whole lot more I want to add, this episode wasn’t great, the weakest of the adventure so far, even in terms of script as I didn’t really feel myself in the adventure this time around. We also came in short again, having a large recap and only reaching the twenty-one minute mark, Thankfully Adrienne Corri got to do a Yoda impersonation (a year before Yoda hit our big screens), she’s a fantastic actress, and there was some pretty decent music, especially in the final few minutes, even if it was paired with one of the weirdest cliff hangers in the history of the show…

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