Sunday, 24 July 2011

Doctor Who Series Six, Seven and new trailers/clips!

Well this has been an exciting day for any Who fan, as we've had a new trailer for series six, part two:

As well as a 2minute clip from 'The God Complex'

And Karen Gillan has confirmed she will be reprising the role of Amy Pond for the seventh series. Personally, the trailer and clip look fantastic, but I don't know about Amy in a third series, I love how the show lives on the changes it sees so frequently, so to have the same companion for three years now is a bit of a surprise (although it has happened before).

The other big (unconfirmed) news are reports stating that the second half of the show may screen as early as late-august so it's not long left to wait!

What are your thoughts on the trails, clips, series six and beyond? Please try to refrain from any spoilers.

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