Thursday, 14 July 2011

Colony In Space (Episode 6)

Originally Broadcast 15th May 1971
Written by: Malcolm Hulke

In a nutshell: The Doctor and the Master reach the Primitive city, where the Doctor discovers what the Master’s real game is…

Review: All I can say about this one is it was a ‘half and half’ episode. I’m still not really enjoying the colonists’ tale, although I love the Doctor/Master storyline being played out.

There was a really shocking scene with the colonists, giving probably one of the most dramatic endings to a serial. I won’t say what happens to the gang but it is really surprising and you wouldn’t have guessed that Doctor Who would go down that road with a group of humans in the final episode of a story. Sadly, other than that there’s nothing to write home about. There’s some acting that fails, as the characterisation in the script wasn’t strong enough throughout, with the ‘I told them to take off’ speech. This scene had definitely been built up to, but the moral dilemma of the characters hadn’t been exposed to the camera as much as it should have, loosing some of the dramatic effect trying to be created by the scene.

The Master’s plot comes to a close with a really crap and obvious escape, just so he can come back for ‘The Daemons’, making his target of being the villain in every story of the series just about achievable, the lucky sod. The Doctor didn’t really seem too fussed the Master got away and Jo forgot about it pretty fast too. Luckily, just as the adventure has come to an end, the colonists magically find the Doctor’s TARDIS for him and Jo to travel home in. There’s a lucky coincidence for you.

I think, overall, this is a decent idea for a story, but it’s not developed well over the six episode formula, maybe a four or (at a stretch) a five parter would do this story more justice, but the colonists story gets tedious when it has to last 150minutes for the audience. Maybe a bit more characterisation added in for certain people as well would create more interest for me to watch this over and over.

Likened to 2007's 'Last Of The Time Lords'

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