Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Android Invasion (Part 3)

Originally Broadcast 6th December 1975
Written by: Terry Nation

In a nutshell: After a close encounter with the android Sarah, the Doctor is captured by the Kraals and left to die.

Review: The story for this has gone so far downhill I’m struggling to wonder why it was good now. I remember loving part one, it was fantastic, but this one has fallen into Nation-typed (my new word for a stereotypical Terry Nation plot) as the villains have turned generic, the plot has turned into genocide and the Doctor and Sarah are stuck in the middle doing pretty much what they did in last years ‘Genesis Of The Daleks’, funnily enough also by Nation.

I really don’t get why these aliens never caught on, as they are exactly the same as every other uncharacterised villain we’ve got in the show (and Saturday morning cartoons), I’ve found myself giving up caring about who/what they are and what their plan is, I heard they want to commit genocide on the Earth and stifled a yawn as Styggron becomes the fiftieth villain to do so in the part few years.

Yes it’s all good and fair to say that Tom Baker and Lis Sladen are good and funny and true to their characters throughout, but it’s the same old story, they are good but they can’t save the episode from this material. The Doctor can name as many young women called Olga he wants and the sonic screwdriver can have as many settings as it’s given, yet it doesn’t hide the boring same-old story of the plot. I’m loosing faith in Nation as, like I said, part one is just fantastic and so atmospheric yet it’s all lost here in what I like to call ‘Terror Of The Zygons 2’ or ‘Return To Terror Of The Zygons’. I’m sure if they were wheeled back in instead of making up the Kraals the episode would certainly look more attractive (although granted it would ruin the Zygons reputation as favourable monsters).

This episode really needs something to break away from the mould as we head into the final part, with Sarah’s undignified close-up given as the ending to the third of four parts.

Sarah's given a makeover.

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