Monday, 6 June 2011

The Wheel In Space (Episode 4)

Originally Broadcast 18th May 1968
Written by: David Whitaker

In a nutshell: The Wheel In Space (Episode Three)

NB. This episode is missing from the BBC archives, this review is based upon the surviving audio book narrated by Wendy Padbury and the BBC website’s photo-novel reconstruction.

Review: This will no doubt be a very short review in comparison to the previous instalments of ‘The Wheel In Space’ as nothing at all really happened. I’ve progressed twenty-five minutes in time but nowhere in story. The Cybermen have finally begun to invade the wheel, although they’ve taken three episodes to do so now and somebody has died! That’s generally it for plot points.

The Doctor gets to do a generic explanation of who and what the Cybers are for everyone at home but beyond that doesn’t really advance any, alongside Jamie. Zoe gets some interesting character points, however, as it’s revealed all her information was brainwashed into her mind and she’s scared she won’t be able to have feelings. It was a nice point but I couldn’t help noticing Whitaker has forced this unto the listener as it has certain comparisons with the Cybermen minds.

The cliffhanger to this episode is the same as the cliffhanger to episodes two and three, a ‘shock’ Cyber appearance, only this time it’s facing the Doctor and Jamie, beyond that it’s exactly the same. Whitaker’s already giving us a rehash story with the fluid link and with certain character traits and now he’s given us a hatrick of the same cliffhanger. Come on Whitaker, you’re responsible for the first year of Who which was mostly brilliant, you gave us two brilliantly successful Dalek stories the previous year, what happened to you?

No Cybermat appearance to save The Wheel In Space 4

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