Friday, 24 June 2011

Updates and the world of Doctor Who

Hi everyone, I'm starting off by saying I've missed a day of blogging down the line this week, my blogs been a bit unresponsive, not letting me post any pictures and I can't reply to the comment by Charley on 'The Time Monster 2' despite my blog telling me I've replied twice! I've changed the font of my posts but please tell me if it's still hard to read and I'll play around with colours and fonts! Also a thank you for being my first follower and any feedbacks great.
I might be getting a reviewing stint on a website called, it's a good site for comics, especially smaller company comics if you want to get out of the overpopulated DC/Marvel game.

I'm going to be returning to posting 'The Time Monster' later on today and once that stories finished I'm turning to the next Eccleston episode 'The End Of The World'. I've found some rare interviews recently too, which I'll be listening/watching over this week so look out for those! And for anybody who has Doctor Who Magazine #332 check out Gareth Roberts "Same Old Story" article which is brilliant! I'll try to get it uploaded here shortly.

Did anybody buy the 'Earth Story' box set this week, with Hartnell's 'The Gunfighters' and Davison's 'The Awakening'? I've watched the extras on the first story and there's a brilliant forty-five minute documentary about the third year of the show, check that out as it's great!

Finally whats the thoughts on Moffat's plans for 2012? Personally I think he should either focus purely on Sherlock or Who and not try to juggle both, but maybe the real reason for no full 2012 series is due to the BBC budget cuts? It wouldn't be the first time, as this years series of Merlin (due to be broadcast around October 2011) was originally going to be cut from 13 episodes to 10.

I'll leave you in peace now and get on to uploading the penultimate episode of 'The Time Monster'. Thanks for reading my blog everyone!

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