Monday, 20 June 2011

The Time Monster (Part 2)

Originally Broadcast 27th May 1972
Written by: Robert Sloman

In a nutshell: The Doctor slowly discovers more of the Master’s latest evil plan, something involving Kronos and control of all time itself.

Review: I’m going to start off with a brief mention of the scenes in Atlantis as they don’t appear too often and they’ve stuck in my mind for all the wrong reasons. First off the camera looks different, there’s a certain ‘glare’ given to these shots and the costumes look disastrous. There’s also a small matter of the dialogue being Saturday-morning cartoon villainy, something that only Roger Delgado can pull off yet he’s not the one having to deliver them right now.

Instead Delgado is fed pretty much everything he did in ‘The Sea Devils’ except this time he isn’t behind bars. He’s even hypnotised an important official who appears stupid and spends the episodes following him around like a lost sheep. I love seeing the Master give a ‘you will obey me’ speech but twice in two episodes on the same guy is getting tedious. Maybe we should have a drinking game of recurring writing. Or good actors being giving nothing to do.

No drinking games for Nick Courtney’s performance, who’s fabulous as the Brig, as well as John Levene’s Benton shining through toward the end of the episode. Regarding the rest of the regular cast, little is given to many of them and when it is, in the case of Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor, there’s nothing stunning or different for the cast to sink their teeth into. I don’t even remember what Jo did in this episode she was that memorable. Come to think of it, I don’t recall much of the Doctor either.

On the bright side Ruth hasn’t done as much in this episode as in the previous and now Stuart’s an old man so he can’t do anything bar let Jo look after him with a shout out for Kronos once in a while. I’m only two episodes in, but this story had better perk itself up soon otherwise I’ll have nothing nice to say!

The brilliant Delgado with the less-than-brilliant Wanda Moore

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charley said...

Hi Matt, I'm Charley, Geoff's daughter. I really like your blog and im finding it interesting reading all of your reviews, especially as i haven't seen and pre-Eccleston episodes. Just want to point out that although your background is good I find it hard to read the white writing on the black, especially in long paragraphs. The words all seem to morph together. Maybe that's just me, but I thought I'd tell you. Other than that I think it's a fantastic blog :)

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