Friday, 24 June 2011

The Time Monster (Episode 5)

Originally Broadcast 17th June 1972
Written by: Robert Sloman

In a nutshell: With the Doctor and Jo separated in the time vortex, the Master is free to travel to Atlantis to gain control of the powerful Kronos.

Review: This was a nice change of pace from the previous four parts, as we’re now in fresh surroundings, giving a ‘boost’ to the serials appearance. A lot of elements worked really well such as Jo interacting with Atlanteans. She’s arguably the best companion when it comes to treating other races the same as her and so it’s no surprise here that she puts on a friendly face and makes friends quickly. I’m not too sure about her Atlantean attire with her fake hair, but it’s catchy.

Paul Bernard’s directing of this story, however, is not so catchy, with the cliffhanger feeling forced upon the audience as the episode got closer and closer to that twenty-five minute mark aided by a wobbly, unattractive zoom-in on Jo’s shocked face. I’m not overly keen on the Doctor’s escape from the previous episodes ending either, with him contacting Jo to push a button marked ‘extreme emergency’.  I was already sceptical, yet I was firmly against it as Jo pulled the level with such force the TARDIS console shook with her.

Some things are meant to be awesome, no matter what serial it appears in, such as the Master flirting with Ingrid Pitt’s Galleia, which just looked so charming and fun to see the Master wooing somebody for his own evil doings. I liked almost everything about Pitt’s performance, although not the hinted-at love between her and the over-camp Hippias, portrayed by Aidan Murphy, despite the fact it gave a nice look back at how a character as changed before they appear onscreen in a Doctor Who adventure, a rarity of the show. I have my doubts that this high standard (well, high standard for this serial) of the show will be carried out successfully as I head into the final episode of ‘The Time Monster’.

Delgado flirts with the wonderful Ingrid Pitt

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