Thursday, 30 June 2011

Preview: Doctor Who Magazine #436

I've grabbed my £4.99(!) copy of Doctor Who Magazine #436 and had a look through it. Once again, it looks fantastic! This is a 'salute' to the wonderful Nicholas Courtney, containing interviews with probably around 50 people from the world of Who, all wanting to share thoughts on the late Brigadier. These include Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Sly McCoy, David Tennant, Russell T Davies and many more.

'The Fact Of Fiction' covers 1970's 'Inferno' (Nick's favourite story), there's also two features around Courtney himself, as well as (shoved to the back) the concluding half of an interview with Alex Kingston plus a four-page feature on 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'.

This issue looks like an amazing dedication to one of the best ever actors to appear in Doctor Who and clocks in at 100 pages!

Cover art for DWM 436

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