Thursday, 2 June 2011

Preview: Doctor Who Magazine #435

Price: £4.50

Out now!

I'm not going to be reviewing issues of Doctor Who Magazine (DWM), but I grabbed the new issue today and thought I'd add a small 'preview' for whats inside, incase anybody out there doesn't buy it!

This issue looks fabulous, there's a lot of nice looking dedications to the much-loved Lis Sladen, as last issue saw print before her untimely passing There are tributes from Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat as well as the promise for a dedicated issue in the future.

Also contained are behind the scenes interviews with Surrane Jones and Neil Gaiman ('The Doctor's Wife'), Matthew Graham ('The Rebel Flesh'/'The Almost People') and Doctor River Song herself, Alex Kingston ('A Good Man Goes To War').

All this is paired with the usual great features, The Fact Of Fiction explores 1978's 'The Ribos Operation', Jonathan Morris and Dan McDaid begin a new comic-strip adventure for the eleventh Doctor in 'Apotheosis' as well as a glance at series six (1968-9 not 2011!) before finishing with the reviews and previews of merchandise in the world of Doctor Who.

The next issue is the one to look out for, the price is rising to £4.99 but carries 100pages, this next issue (published 230th June) is a dedication issue to Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart alias Nicholas Courtney.

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