Thursday, 30 June 2011

Delta And The Bannermen (Part 2)

Originally Broadcast 9th November 1987
Written by: Malcolm Kohll

In a nutshell: Aware that the Bannermen have tracked down Delta, the Doctor begins an evacuation of Shangri-La.

Review: I think this part is (somehow) even worse than the previous, with not a lot going on at all. I think the only plot point is that the Bannermen have reached Shangri-La and that’s about all. The Doctor spends most of this episode running to music that would go amiss in Benny Hill let alone Doctor Who, undermining the entire production. Kohll’s writing is horrendous, with somehow all the characters just accepting all the facts and somehow knowing everything with no explanation needed, which, whilst speeding things up for the audience, is a really amateur way of storytelling and not something I’d expect to ever see occur on television.

I think this is a review that’s really going to struggle to say anything, let alone anything creative or kind toward the episode. The two FBI characters are once again a complete waste of time, doing nothing except irritate me as to why I’m spending precious minutes of story watching them. Well I say precious minutes; the Doctor’s still just sat on the back of a motorbike, so maybe we should go back to the FBI guys? Parts of the episode are so badly staged its cringe worthy, one particular case of this is we cut to Delta already happily sitting in the sidecar of the bike, before asking “What is this?” as it saves a bit of time.

This episode does, surprisingly, have two fantastic points to it. The first of these is the fact the Bannermen murder everyone on the bus, not even some of the most chilling Who monsters have done that before, so it really strikes as setting them down as horrible villains and the other is the cliffhanger, purely for McCoy, who’s desperately trying to show his Doctor can be great even with a bad script written for another Doctor. I’ll leave you with four words that would’ve made this episode a little bit better, before I’m back with part three.

Don’t. Paint. The. Baby.

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